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Live Auctions through eBay

Long before eBay was a twinkle in the eye of Pierre Omidyar, auctions were being conducted. Of course, there was no computer involved in these auctions. They were live events held at brick and mortar buildings with real live people sitting in chairs and bidding on items that were being auctioned. Ebay is, of course, the most famous of all online auction sites so it seems that it was inevitable that they would eventually get in on the real world auctions.

http://websitepopin.com/web-development/ In order to participate in a real world live auction through eBay, you must pre-register. You cant just happen upon one and start bidding like you can on a regular eBay auction. This pre-registration process will include the usual information that you would expect to give (name, address, phone number, etc.) but the auction house that is conducting the auction might require that you provide more detailed information to them in order to gain approval to bid on items.

Each live auction must be registered for separately even if they are being held in the same venue and by the same company. You will be able to view the items to be auctioned on eBay using the catalog that is provided. You will also be able to ask questions about items being auctioned before the actual live auction begins. You will be allowed to place an absentee bid on items in the live auction and the auctioneer will receive your bids or you can watch the action live as it is happening on the eBay live auction website and place your bids then. http://websitepopin.com/web-development/ If you are the highest bidder on an item at a live auction, you will pay the auction house rather than eBay.

The item will be guaranteed and it will be shipped to you from the auction house. http://websitepopin.com/web-development/ Thank you, http://websitepopin.


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