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How to Find Leads in Network Marketing Using a Single Article

How to find leads in network marketing is probably one of the biggest challenges for new business owners. But there is an easy way to generate dozens of potential leads with just one article. First of all, most of the internet marketing experts, and those that are good at generating site traffic, will tell you that there are many different ways to get visitors to your web site or lead capture pages. Of all the possibilities out there, marketing with articles is probably in the top three.

Some would even argue that it is the top method of getting traffic. One of the big reasons why you should utilize the article concept to find leads for your network marketing business is that it's free. Yes, it will cost you some time to make it work, but it doesn't cost you any money unless you want to take things to the next level. Some of the clear benefits of marketing with articles are: 1.

No cost or very low cost 2. Long term exposure on the internet for months or even years 3. Positions you as an expert on that particular topic 4. Can go viral very easily especially if you write it 5. Hands-off marketing method that works automatically The problem with using this method is that many people are scared away by the thought of having to sit down for hours and write long, detailed articles for their readers. However, that is not really necessary.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with keeping an article short and simple. The primary goal is to provide good information that your reader needs to solve a problem. Besides, you really don't have to personally write the article at all. There are many reputable sites online that provide helpful articles that you can use. Simply do a search on Google for article directories or visit EzineArticles to get started.

Once there, you will be able to identify an article that relates directly to your business, product, or service and use it to market your business. The fastest and easiest way to benefit from a single article is to post it on one of your web sites and then reference it on forums, in chat rooms, or other advertising that you may be running. We are going to use this article as an example. Let's say you found this article on one of the sites mentioned earlier and the author has given you reprint or redistribution rights.

That basically means you can freely use it, provided you keep their signature box and site link intact. So, now you have this great information at your fingertips and are ready to generate some leads. The first thing I would do is post it on my web site and make sure to keep the direct link handy.

By posting it on your own site, it gives you greater flexibility and options in terms of directing your visitors to where you want them to go. Once a person follows your link to the article, they will most likely take some time and visit your main page as well. You can even include a link somewhere on the article's page that refers them to your newsletter or lead capture page. If you don't have your own web site, or prefer not to host the article, you can still benefit greatly by using it on online forums. By the way, forums are another proven way of generating targeted traffic for your business, but you have to genuinely participate on them and not just post spam the boards (unsolicited messages) with links to outside articles.

The best way to do this is to find forums that relate to your business and help others by answering their questions. Using this article again as an example, when someone asks on the forum about how to find leads in network marketing , you can respond by referring them to the location of this information. But, you also want to leave your primary signature file at the same time. This file contains a link directly to your site.

Your typical forum post might look something like this: John: Does anyone know how I can find leads for my business? You: John, I read some good information the other day in an article called "How to Find Leads in Network Marketing Using a Single Article." You can find it here (include link). Good Luck, Sally Jones 5 Year Work at Home Mom yourmainsite.

com Each and every time you use the article to help someone else, you are leaving a trail of your signature files around the web that will be found by others and eventually lead them to your site. The key when using this method is to find busy forums and message boards that cater to the kinds of people you want to reach, answer legitimate questions and don't spam, and have a simple but effective signature file at the end of every post you make. The great thing about this strategy is that you can benefit over and over from the traffic generated by other web site owners. It is not unusual to come across an article or forum post that is many months old but still being read consistently.

Finally, regardless of your particular niche or business, there is always a certain group of questions that are asked repeatedly. Therefore, it would be a good idea to target and answer those types of questions, especially if they relate to your business as well. Again, locate a solid article, and then employ the techniques listed here to attract new leads on a weekly basis.

Visit National Networkers today for FREE marketing tips, articles, and resources, specifically written and researched for new Network Marketers at http://www.NationalNetworkers.com . This article may be freely redistributed provided the signature box link is shown.

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