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A quick sale of your home

There are a number of reasons why people want to sell their house quickly. You may need a quick, guaranteed sale because you are moving or relocating and time is of the essence. You're sale chain may be broken or you may be facing repossession of the property.

If you find yourself in this situation, you'll want to find a company that will not only buy your house directly from you, but also offer customized solutions to your needs. Once the transaction is completed, you have some options: stay in the house and rent it (called rent back) or stay and rent with an option to buy. Instead of dealing with the stress of trying to make loan or mortgage payments or attempting to get a settlement after the divorce papers are in process, think about an alternative. If you can't wait for a traditional buyer who can take from 3-6 months to close, there is a better way to get cash now. There are companies that deal with sellers looking for a quick turn around for any number of reasons. They offer things like free house valuation reports and tips and information on exactly how to make a quick sale happen.

Learn how to value our house the way experts do, avoid throwing money away, avoid a lengthy sale and most important, how to sell on your terms quickly and effectively. Today's homeowners have many different options when looking to sell their home from engaging the services of a real estate agent to selling it privately using private investors otherwise know as cash buyers. There are companies that represent these private investors offering services to fit many diverse requirements so that the sale can take place in 4 - 6 week versus 3 - 6 months.

This speedy turnaround is due to the fact that they have the cash available and everything is legally in place from solicitors to surveyors. Many times, after a quick sale is executed, there are a number of options based on the seller's needs including "sell and rent back" options where you can sell your home to an investor and then rent it back or "sell and buy back" where the seller is given an option buy back their property after a set number of years after renting in the house at a reduced rental rate. These companies know that many homeowners looking for a quick sale are in a somewhat "awkward" position and stand ready to help alleviate the less than favourable circumstances through a quick sale. Without the property type of assistance, around one-third of these quick sales fail. Reasons vary from market conditions, poor advice, survey issues, property chains, buyer finance issues and other things which can not only slow but stop a successful transaction at a time when speed is of great importance.

Knowing who you are dealing with can sometimes make all of the difference and there are a number of reliable, trustworthy and highly competent firms out there if you are willing to do the research.

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